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*** Welcome to the Osoyoos Model Aviation Club, the only Private RC flying club currently in BC. Are you a visitor interested in the club or just wanting to watch us fly? Go to the contact page and find out when we will be flying. We offer FREE training.... Flight School and Simulator Training!!!! Use Our Club Planes To Learn To Fly...... Come fly with us at the 40 Creek Flying Field......New Members Welcome.... Get your application in today!..... Just go to the "JOIN OUR CLUB" page..............

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**  Are you a visitor interested in the club or just wanting to watch us fly?  Go to the contact page and find out when we will

***  We will be flying:    Field had been groomed and ready to go.  See you all there.  Contact Bob Fallon for info:






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Osoyoos Model Aviation Club (OMAC)



The Osoyoos Model Aviation Club (OMAC) with its headquarters in Oliver, BC. is a private non-profit club with its own governing body, private insurance and operating within the boundaries of Transport Canada and NAVCAN.  The purpose of the club is to have fun, foster and advance interest and fellowship of its members in the hobby of building and flying radio controlled model aircraft; to encourage the study and discussion of the problems and techniques with the flying of radio controlled aircraft; to promote and to encourage interest in the hobby in non-members and to provide a meeting place and flying site or sites for members of the association.

New members are welcome and we offer a variety of memberships for students and pilots.  The various types of memberships may be viewed on the 'Join Our Club"page.

The Osoyoos Model Aviation Club is on the cutting edge of the new private Model Aviation clubs in Canada under the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARS).  New student members will receive; free of charge with their paid membership to the Osoyoos Model Aviation Club: "Ground School to Air" Student Handbook and Study Guide.  This will take a new member from the ground up - starting with ground school and flight simulator training.  The student will learn aviation safety, the mechanics of flying, simulator training, basic flying techniques, logbook entries and what must be recorded, sight surveys and how to use NAV Drone and how to prepare and study for the Transport Canada "Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems" or RPAS License.   Fly with your instructor, and finally the solo flight and obtaining your certification within the Osoyoos Model Aviation Club to fly as a pilot.  Instructors:  Former MAAC, AMA and current FAA RPAS Certified Instructor.



              Ground to Air Student Handbook                                      Pilots Logbook                                                         


Flight School and Simulator Training

Learn How to Fly In Our FREE Private Flight School!

Ground School and Simulator Training

40 Creek Flying Field

40 Creek Flying Field

40 Creek Flying Field", located at:  2760 Marron Valley Rd.

Coordinates:  49° 22'  13.37" N.  -  119° 41'  16.68" W. 


  40 Creek Flying Field (Marron Valley) 


The 40 Creek Field is exclusive to the Osoyoos Model Aviation Club Members only.  The 40 Creek Field sports a nice 250' x 60' dirt runway with start up tables, range check area and table, picnic tables for family and guests, and club house area.  Dry camping is also available for club members and guests to enjoy.

Acceptable Aircraft to fly at 40 Creek Field: 

Gas or Electric - Planes,  Sailplanes-Gliders (Hi Start, Aero Tow, Gas or Elect.) Helicopters, Drones, Jets No Turbines,  3-D Planes -  No loud gas engines.

(Safety Officers have access to a DB Meter).

Float Flying

The club has a number of float flies during the year at the clubs private beach flying site.

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W.B. White Insurance Limited, Derek Grieve, Vice-President

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Pilot Wings Gold w/Star- President & V-President

Pilot Wings Gold - BOD Members,Club Representatives, Officers, Instructors

Pilot Wings Silver - Members Pilot Status B, C or D

Pilot Wings are Free w/ Certificates for Qualifying Pilots

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