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A radio-controlled aircraft (often called RC aircraft or RC plane) is a small flying machine that is controlled remotely by an operator on the ground using a hand-held radio transmitter. The transmitter communicates with a receiver within the craft that sends signals to servomechanisms (servos) which move the control surfaces based on the position of joysticks on the transmitter. The control surfaces, in turn, affect the orientation of the plane.

    To the newcomer to RC Planes, it can be very confusing and a bit fearful of how RC planes fly and what equipment you should purchase to get started. There are a wide range of planes and equipment and your initial purchase can limit your experience, or leave you with equipment that is not suitable as you grow in your abilities. The following information is an attempt to help you decide on what purchases will allow you to grow and reduce the stress associated with the sport. RC planes and the technology has advanced in leaps and bounds such as Safe Select and provides multi levels of help that will assist in keeping your plane from crashing into the ground. Our instructors prefer not to teach with the use of "Safe Select" however, we will cover some of the technology behind the "Safe Select", both pros and cons for your understanding.

    We also have instructors who have decades of experience, should you wish to talk to someone about our flight training program we offer free to individuals who hold both the MAAC and OMACRC Membership Cards.  $15.00 per hour for non-members. Our instructors are very experienced and capable of helping you learn to fly. You are welcome to visit our Field and see first hand, what a wide variety of plane options are available. Get an orientation from one of our experienced Instructors or pilots and talk to them about recommendations to get you started, before you buy. 

   OMACRC offers flight school for all levels of flying located in Oliver, B.C.  As a beginner you will start with ground school and basic aeronautics, parts of the aircraft, ground effects and more moving onto approximately ten hours of simulator time and instruction on aircraft set-up taking you to a solo flight and your wings certificate.  If you are a more advanced flyer or someone who is getting back into the sport after a break, instruction is available to hone your skills or maybe learn how to fly a float plane for example.  Instruction available:  Ground School, Simulators, Power Planes, Sailplanes, Float Planes, Building, covering, setting up new models, using CG machines, and repairing models.  Basic Helicopter skills are also available along with transmitter program training.

If you are interested in flight school or training please go to our contact page.

 MAAC Certified Instructors:  Cowboy Rowland - 96156  FAA-UAS FA3NNWTHRP (Chief Flight Instructor)



**  Student Flight instruction manual coming soon.

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