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Welcome To Our Club !!!

Application for Membership at bottom of page! 

  If you are interested in a club that does more then just fly, if you like fun flies, soaring contests, events, BBQ's and family days, helping promote the beloved sport of Model Aviation, this club is for you.  A club where you are really involved as much as you want and can make a difference.  "Osoyoss Model Aviation Club RC"   (Fill out the EZ form below and we will get back to you A.S.A.P.

*  Note:  You DO NOT need to belong to a national organization to fly with us.

Types of Membership

Potential new members must fill out an application for membership.  When you submit a request for membership you will receive an application for membership, information letter and an invoice for your membership fees via e-mail.

New Pilot Membership:    After Nov. 30th 2023 (w/RPAS License)  $125.00 dues, $40.00 Osoyoos Model Aviation Logbook  Total:  $165.00

Christmas Gift Membership discounted $60.00  Total:  (Only 3 Available left).

New Student Membership: (No RPAS License) $125.00 dues, $40.00 Osoyoos Model Aviation Logbook, $20.00 Student Study Guide   Total:  $185.00

Annual Pilot / Student Renewal: Starting Nov 1st 2024    Total: $145.00

Junior Membership (Pilot): $60.00 dues, $40.00 Logbook    Total:  $100.00

Junior Membership (Student): $60.00 Dues, $20.00 Student Handbook/Study Guide    Total: $80.00

Junior Membership (Pilot/Student) Renewal: $60.00 dues    Total:  $60.00

Guest Pilot First Time: (w/RPAS License) $10.00 Day Pass/1 Day Membership, OMAC Logbook $40.00    Total:  $50.00

Guest Pilot Returning: (Max 3 times) $10.00 each visit Day Pass/1 Day Membership   Total:  $10.00

Seasonal Membership:  (Pilot Only, Max 6 Months) $60.00 dues, $40.00 Logbook    Total:  100.00

Seasonal Membership (Renewal):  (Pilot Only, Max 6 Months) $60.00 dues    Total:  $60.00

NOTE:  Membership dues, and or any additional fees are subject to change at anytime without notice with the approval of the BOD.

Pilot membership includes liability insurance.  Pilots are responsible for $500.00 deductible.

NOTE:  All pilots who would like to fly with the Osoyoos Model Aviation Club must have in their possession the following materials:

1. Application for membership  2. OMAC Logbook   3. Copy of their RPAS License    4. Copy of their Aircraft Registration Certificate (Minimum 1)  5. Demonstrate they can use NAV Drone (Flight Survey)   6. Check flight by a club instructor or BOD Member.  8.  OMAC Membership Card  9.  Accident & Witness Forms

JOIN OUR CLUB - Request for Information or Application for membership

Please leave a detailed message so we can get right back to you with the information you need. Thank you!

Don't Forget Your Hat!

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Club Documents

The Constitution, By-Laws and Club Rules are available to view on the members (only) page.

Upload Your Completed Application Here.

Upload and RPAS Lic. or Aircraft Registration Certificaate